Jane's Story of Hypno-Band Success

Introduction To Jane's Story

Where do you start with Jane's story. It started as any other Hypno-Band story with a phone call to arrange an Free Initial Consultation session and a few days later Jane arrived on my doorstep. The session was quite an emotional one for Jane, and what came across was how desperate Jane was to lose the weight but how her belief that she could actually do it was shot to pieces. For Jane diets meant failure so from the start it was important to get Jane feeling better about herself and believing that she could lose whatever weight she wanted to IF she took responsibility to use the tools she was being given and to MAKE it happen... So let Jane explain her journey herself....

Disclaimer: The testimonials provided on this website are genuine client testimonials submitted to me after them working with the Hypno-Band Programme. Results you may achieve can vary as the hypnosis cannot lose the weight for you. However if you use the hypnosis as a “tool” together with your effort then there is no reason at all why you cant lost the weight that you wish to lose. I offer no guarantees on how much weight you could lose - to do so would be irresponsible - particularly as I don’t know how much effort you will put in to the Hypno-Band Programme. But you can be assured I will put in 100% effort to help you lose the weight. RESULTS MAY VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON.

Jane's Story...

Well it’s just over a year and as the song goes what a difference a year makes! I am over 9 stone lighter and in the words of good friends and family in a different place. I was walking through town the other day when someone I knew who I hadn’t seen for a year walked past me even though I smiled and stopped. I said her name and her mouth widened! She looked at me twice and her mouth opened in shock followed by her admitting she hadn’t recognised me.

I have like many people had a horrendous battle with my weight throughout my life. Up to the age of 6 I only ate bread, boiled eggs and biscuits and was deemed to be underweight. After that I found food and the weight piled on!

Like everyone I have been on a roller coaster of the usual diets and losing only to put the weight back on and more! I ate when I was happy, sad, stressed and food was my enemy and my best friend. The treat I wanted, ate and then totally regretted and felt awful. In June 2010 I was very ill and had to stop and rest from a life absorbing career. I worked out that I had been hiding by being smiley and jokey and actually underneath I was deeply unhappy and as I approached the 40 being the wrong side of 35- it was time for change. The doctor couldn’t find the reason behind my illness and kept blaming my weight and the fact tests would prove I was diabetic. I wasn’t but boy oh boy was the illness a turning point!

I am a bit of a control freak so I carefully looked into different options and believed that Hypnotherapy could be the way forward. I certainly wasn’t going under the knife. After careful research Greg worked his magic- or actually common sense!

I applied, got a job and now my job is part of my life not my whole life and boy what a difference. I live for life not work all centred in the positivity of gaining self confidence, control and a new look!

I was always that person saying I was me and that I wasn’t bothered about how I looked or what people thought and it didn’t stop me doing anything. Well actually it did and actually I was so bothered I just buried it in the cycle of eating and I never had relationships because who would want me?

I also began swimming every day and this is now a routine which supports my program. I always used to be cynical about saying the buzz they got out of exercise but it is compulsive!

The joys are endless from being able to chase my energetic nieces twice as fast, being able to go on long walks without worrying I won’t make it up the hill, to having men being interested in me! Looking back and thinking which has all been part of the year is the fact I used my weight as a blanket to hide behind- if I’m fat no-one will be interested so I can’t be hurt and I’m ok. Well the big news is I have been looking into dating sites and feel I have the confidence and self esteem that just maybe there is someone out there and I don’t need that blanket and I am worth it! Wow!

All of got to do now is get on line and try it out! Another year of discovery? Who knows! All I do know is that I love myself for what I am- imperfect but who isn’t! Yes I want to lose another 4-5 stone and yes it’s not always easy and the stretch marks and bingo wings are there and need work! I also need to get back on track after being away but that was such a positive experience it was motivating in itself! Two weeks in the sun and I ate and had treats and put on one pound! Not bad! I am in control of my weight and not food in control of me!

Going on holiday - a new wardrobe form normal women’s shops, leggings which I have never worn, tops without sleeves and walking around in a costume without a cover up! Me! And even though I had to will myself the first time to do it lying on the beach with the stick insects in a costume and by the pool. Two years ago I had to ask for an extension belt for the aeroplane seat I was SOOOOOO embarrassed, last year the relief was tangible as I had lost weight and this year I felt completely fitted in with the ‘normal’ people!

Well the aim now is Christmas which my hairdresser told me is 16 weeks away today! I’m after at least another stone and a little black party dress! And maybe some new friends online! What I do know is that realistically I will be curvy but aren’t curves in!! When people ask how much more I want to lose I don’t really know I want to feel right!

Who knows! What I do know is there is no going back!