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Genuine Feedback from Genuine Clients

With Hypno-Band Weight Loss being such a success, I often get clients coming back to me with positive feedback - below is an example of such positive feedback;

Disclaimer: The testimonials provided on this website are genuine client testimonials submitted to me after them working with the Hypno-Band Programme. Results you may achieve can vary from person to person as the hypnosis cannot lose the weight for you. However if you use the hypnosis as a “tool” together with your effort then there is no reason at all why you cant lost the weight that you wish to lose. I offer no guarantees on how much weight you could lose - to do so would be irresponsible - particularly as I don’t know how much effort you will put in to the Hypno-Band Programme. But you can be assured I will put in 100% effort to help you lose the weight. Google have requested that I put a ** before those weights lost stated as lost by my clients to indicate that RESULTS MAY VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON.


Hi Greg

Just thought i'd drop you an email to say the biggest thank you!

Having the Hypno Band sessions has honestly changed my life, for over 20 years I been part of the diet scene and tried and failed every diet perhaps doing well at first but then my food triggers would kick in and I would gain back all the loss and usually a bit more. The guilt and disgust would then of course return and the vicious circle would start all over again.

When I came to you I was at my wits end, fed up of the torture I was living daily, the low self esteem and confidence was crippling, I was desperate for a quick fix and would of paid anything. After our first session you quickly made me realise I needed to take some responsibility and only I could change me, I quickly realised it was a tool I needed to help me and no quick fix was the answer and the Hypno band was the key for me.

I lost weight the first week without any hypno, using the tools you gave me I felt for once this was different, I was different, I was ready to take responsibility and change my body for good. The first hypno session was very relaxing and I liked how I was aware of everything going on. As the weeks went by more weight came off and I hit my first half stone loss by week 2. I have now finished the program and sometimes I lose inches rather than lbs but either is of course satisfying. This has been the easiest weight loss I have ever achieved, I now recognise when I am full and I use the "Dream" technique to manage any negative thoughts. I am very motivated and somehow always prefer healthier food and have motivation to do a little exercise, I don't ever binge anymore and I am at last at peace with the battle and myself.

I now know there is no quick fix the urgency is somewhat relaxed resting in the knowledge that eating normally and healthy with the new approach the weight will simply come off and I will, in time be at the size I want to be.

I will of course keep you updated with my loss for now I am approaching my first stone

Take Care




Hi Greg

Just letting you know i have reached **3 stone.Can you believe it

This has been the best and most enjoyable way to loss weight

ever. Bring on the summer.

Regards Dawn



Just thought I'd drop you a line to update you on my progress!!

Well i have lost now **1 stone ( a bit slow I know, would prefer more, but then thats me wanting everything to happen yesterday)

I am looking more long term now, how I will look in 6 mths time.

I have changed what I eat and definately have a different attitude to food, it doesn't rule me anymore.

I am still swimming ( a lot) at least 3 times a week and I am up to 55 lengths now, which is amazing for me and I am definately changing shape....I have a fab waist now!!

I have also lost inches about **10 inches altogether with 3 off my waist ( got to be the swimming!!!)

I am also now starting other dance and exercise classes at the gym....getting my monies worth haha


Jane From Northampton

I just wanted to thank you for the difference you have made in 4 very short weeks. As you will remember I came wanting to change my life and to attack a weight issue which has been with me for over 30 years of my life.

I perhaps was a little cynical but even after the first consultancy without any hypnosis I left feeling empowered to make changes. On the way home I went and bought my first set of scales and a basket full of fruit. That week I lost 10lbs! I was amazed. I didn’t crave my usual treats and I knew I could do it.

4 weeks later I have just had my last of my appointments and im over 2 stone lighter!(with no exercise due to an injury) I feel confident that this is long term, I shop differently, I eat differently and people keep telling me I look different(even though they cant seem to put their finger on why) I seem to ooze a new confidence, freshness and hopefully body change!

My life has changed far beyond my weight loss- I applied for a job which I would never have done before this program! - And got it! And all the stresses of applying and getting ready for the interview never resulted in the usual treat/bad eating- I didn’t need that crook because I had the skills and techniques to identify and use the techniques Greg showed me.

I had an accident in April which enforced me to stop- it made me re-evaluate my life and this program has been like a light bulb which has impacted far beyond what I ever dreamed of.

I now have a confidence to succeed and to make a new life full of opportunities and dreams- the sky is the limit!



Kay From Leighton Buzzard

Dear Greg

Just a quick update. I havn't had a single sweet since my first session (you remember how addicted I was!), and my appetite has really decreased. I just cant eat as much anymore and I dont want to. The weight is slowly coming off but more importantly you made me realise that in fact it was my lack of self esteem that was really causing most of my problems. I have been practising the 'dream' technique and am feeling so much more positive about everything (including my body image). Thanks for all your help,



MD from Hertfordshire

Hi Greg.

I have lost **16 pounds since my 'op'!!'

Total **23 pounds since our very first meeting.

Bmi is now down to 35.6 and I have joined the gym this week to start my training for the 10k. How great is that!!!!

Lots of love and thanks

Michelle xxxx


Nat from Bedford

Hi Greg.

Just to let you know...I am still losing :-) I have lost an additional 4 pounds - total weight loss since I started = **12lbs :-)

I continue to listen to your CDs and I am doing really well with portion size and healthy eating. It doesn't consume my thoughts as much and I think I am getting a good balance now. I attended a Hen night last weekend and although I had a treat meal, I couldn't finish half the meal and didn't have any of the pre-dinner snacks - and the best thing was that I wasn't bothered about the food.

Hope you are well,



Follow Up from Jane...

Hi Greg.

Thought I would give you a little bit of an update and hope you are well. I continue to do a fairly good job this end and I have passed the first target we discussed. It is taking time but I know it is coming off.

I swim daily and if I can twice daily and this has just become something of a habit now. I am a few pounds off 5 stone loss which is fab. I went clothes shopping yesterday and was delighted when I had to continually ask for smaller sizes! I have emptied my wardrobe of some clothes and its ready for the charity shop! People say I look really well and some still cant quite put their finger on it of the why.

I think when I go out in my new clothes it might be more noticeable!! I certainly have more energy place which can only be good news.

I hope you continue to be well and busy.



Natalie from Milton Keynes

Hi Greg.

Just filling you in on whats been going on.. So far to date I have lost 5lbs since I last saw you and another 1/2 inch of chest and 1/2 inch of hips and will be doing a weigh in on Friday so any more and il let you know.

Only another 4lbs to go and that will then be **2 stone and over all with the help of exercise i have lost 3inch of bust, 3 inch of waist 3 inch of hips thats in 9 weeks and one of those was spent on an all inclusive holiday!!

I have been doing a lot more exercise, I bought a bike last week and me and my partner went on a 8 1/2 mile ride on Sunday. Anyway I am doing well and just wanted to let you know how all was going....

Thanks again



Dawn from Bedford

Hi Greg.

Good news i have now lost **2 stone and things are looking good. Still finding clothes in my wardrobe which i can get on,the thing is with us girls is we have a vast collection of clothes in different sizes. By christmas i hope to be in my smallest size.

From Dawn


Follow Up from Jane after 7 months...

Hi Greg.

I have now lost nearly **7 stone now and it is still coming off slowly! I would love to come for a session to have a top up and refocus. The joy of walking into normal shops and having choices is just building my feel good factor! I still have some weight to go and sometimes I do have treats but I just take that into consideration when deciding what else to eat that day....



Peter G of Milton Keynes...

Hi Greg.

I'm delighted to confirm that progress continues, thanks to you I have now lost **23 lbs. in 8 weeks. I am well on target to achieve my initial objective of losing 2 stone by Christmas. I am eating anything and everything, but slowly, and in small portions. The best part is that I never feel hungry! I am very grateful for your help which continues via your C.D.

Sincere regards Peter


Update from Peter G of Milton Keynes ( March 2011)...

Hi Greg.

Hi Greg, just to let you know I have reached my next target, a total loss of **3 stone, 2 weeks behind schedule but in exactly 26weeks (6 months). Down to 15 stone, my waist, chest & hips are each reduced by a good 4 inches and I am delighted.

My next target is 14 stone by the end of June. Many thanks for your help.

Sincere regards Peter


Update from Dawn (Bedford)

Hi Greg.

Been meaning to contact you to let you know how i am getting on,i have lost another **half stone which takes me to **two and a half stone.

From Dawn


Update from Peter

Hi Greg.

Pleased to report that I have acheived my target. Lost **2 stones in 12 weeks, my next target is another stone by my birthday on March 13th. Many thanks for your help and a very happy Christmas to you......

From Peter


Testimonial from J of Bedford...


What a journey!!!!! I visited Greg with the goal that he had some magic way that I could loose weight, I'd always thought that there would be a magic way after all. A good friend that I worked with had talked to me about her experience with fantastic results so I went along a bit sceptical, but I'd tried everything else.

I was eager to get started and have the band fitted so IT would stop me eating. But Greg sat me down talked to me about myself and asked lots of questions about why other diets had failed of course I had every excuse in the book as to why they had failed and I was at a lost to know why none of them had worked. I'd talked to Greg about why things in my life hadn't gone quite right and how I had constantly found my self make the same mistakes getting myself in to the same situations, I saw life through "S**T" coloured glasses as Greg put it. Now don't get me wrong I couldn't say I had an unhappy life, but I never really liked the person I was and I thought everyone else saw me like that and I never quite lived up to my family's or friends or works expectations. I had suffered from stress I constantly worried didn't really sleep I had IBS the list goes on.

The hypno band had no way of working unless I changed my thinking, Greg obviously identified this and we started on the Changing Limiting Beliefs Workshop what an empowering book with the turn of every page I could see myself the way I had thought about things I had low self esteem social anxiety my thinking styles where negative paranoid and catastrophic. Now that might sound like a lot, but I can assure you that outwardly if you met me you wouldn't think and of those things about me, but this was about my beliefs and the way I thought about myself. There is a piece in the book that sums it up ..90% of what you need in order to change your life is self insight- you have to understand yourself. Once you understand how and why things go wrong with your thinking, YOU can change them.

The book totally changed my life and with the help of talking to Greg I now deal with situations differently see things differently I sleep well and don't worry I am loads more confident. Most importantly I like myself I have never felt so happy in 50 years about who I am.

But what about the initial reason you went to Greg in the first place to loose weight and now I had my thinking straight I could change my relationship with food, I'd always failed on the other diets mainly because I never really believed I could be thin I was just this fat person that's how everyone saw me. Wrong I now knew I could be a thin person if I wanted to IT was down to me. The magic is within yourself and as Greg tells you he can help but YOU have to take responsibility that requires a big commitment from you and at times can be a struggle but as you learn the techniques to overcome your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs it becomes easy I am glad to say that I am now loosing weight eating healthier smaller meals being hypnotised to have the band is so real but having the right way of thinking is life changing and that's why you can make that change that you want forever.

Greg well he is such a nice man he is calming easy to talk to puts you at ease, but he also gives it to you straight makes you think! and the hypnosis is just a nice relaxing feeling. So I truly have to thank him for taking me through this journey I am different in more ways than I every thought I would be when I first met him. X


Testimonial from Helen...

Hi Greg.

I thought I would just drop you a quick email before I go off on honeymoon.

I had a fantastic wedding day on Sunday and so many people commented on how fantastic I looked and how much weight I had lost. I have even seen some photos and for once in my life not hated how I looked!

Since our first session I have lost a total of **3 stone and it was definately easy compared to other 'diets' I have tried. I didn't feel hungry and just felt the right choices were a natural choice for me food wise.

I would not hesitate to recommend the hypnotherapy to anyone who has a goal to loose weight.

Regards Helen


Testimonial from Sophie...

Hi Greg.

Thought I would update u on how I have been getting on and the answer is still fantastic total loss is now over **2 stone . I am exercising 3 times a week and eating so so much less and now all of the right foods ! It has been the most easy experience of weight loss worth every penny and thank you! I want to keep losing the weight approx another 2-3 stone to go from Now till summer.

JUst thought I would update you and say a big thanks for your help !!