How Does Hypno-Band Weight Loss System Work

The Hypno-Band Process

Client at Hypno-Band BedfordThe process uses hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural techniques to help you achieve your ideal weight - and stay there! Each session in the Hypno-Band system lasts for approximately one hour and before beginning the process a full assessment will be carried out to make sure you are suitable for the Hypno-Band programme.

Over the course of 6 sessions, we will look at your Character type; we discuss When you eat, Why you eat, and Where you eat. Together we will look at your eating patterns and your triggers. In fact many of my clients start to lose weight after the Pre-Talk session which is even BEFORE any hypnotherapy has actually taken place. That is how powerful this programme is.

The Hypno-Band Session Structure

  • Week 1: Pre-Talk/ Assessment
  • Weeks 2-5: Comprising 4 sessions of approx 1 hour duration each. These cover Behavior Changes, Pre-Op, Hypno-Band Operation, and Changing Limiting Beliefs as well as progress discussions at each session.
    (disc's that I provide are required to be listened to at least 4 times between sessions)
  • Week 6: Hypno-Band Adjustment (covered in more detail below).

The Hypno-Band system is a non-invasive behaviour changing method. The Hypno-Band procedure is extremely relaxing and pleasurable and you will feel NO pain at all. There are no side effects associated with undergoing this procedure at the end of each session you will feel calm and totally relaxed. The Hypno-Band system is perfectly safe way of achieving fantastic weight loss.

Why Six Hypno-Band Sessions?

I am often asked why I carry out a SIX session programme where other therapists often use Five Sessions? I am lucky enough to be an experienced practitioners in a technique called Changing Limiting Beliefs (please see the relevant section on our website) and we feel that one session of CLB will further explain how your mind works and how if you are able to focus on "what you want to happen" in your life rather than fearing "what MIGHT happen" then you will be even more in control of not just your eating habits but ALSO any emotional issues.

This session would usually cost £75 on its own but we include it within our price for the Hypno-Band Surgery. My clients tell me that the Hypno-Band programme actually gets THEM feeling totally in control of their eating habits very quickly - rather than feeling, as they have done for most of their lives, that eating and food is controlling THEM. How powerful a statement is that?

Hypno-Band Success

Hypno-Band Weight LossThe Hypno-Band programme has fantastic results. I think we all know that in order to lose weight we need to eat the right food, we need to eat when we are hungry, we need to stop eating when we are full, and we need to take exercise. It all sounds so easy so why don’t we do it?

The answer is that there are often emotional matters lurking in the background. When you then add a lack of willpower to the equation it’s often very hard to get the control necessary to maintain a weight loss programme. By changing the way you think about food and with your mind believing you have had a gastric band fitted you will lose weight and maintain your weight loss.

Like any medical or therapy procedure there can be no definite guarantees but even a surgeon cannot guarantee that an actual Gastric Band will work. However the virtual gastric band has been proven to be effective in aiding significant weight loss. But it should always be remembered it is YOU that holds the key to losing weight.